On the Swedish countryside

In Sweden we visited Greta the cat.

And Klara, a dog who loves tomatoes and my sister.

I picked blueberries with my nieces.

And visited my dad and his lady in my dad's summer house.

They made us lunch; smoked tenderloin, smoked salmon etc.


  1. The food looks wonderful. Glad you had such a great time there!

  2. Oh i like those pics... and i'm so fond of this dog!

  3. Klara has the cutest ears =)) love this way of blueberry picking.

  4. Kara & Greta are cute. Food looks delicious too (the flat bread looks quite similar to the Chapatis & Rotis we make in India). Hope you enjoyed the change of scene, Sandra.

  5. ooo...are those creamed mushrooms?! that whole plate looks delicious! (i also can't believe how big your blueberries are! ours are so tiny...)

  6. Looks like you have had a lovely time visiting family and friends. Lovely four leg friends as well. Food seems yummy. Beautiful place;)


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