Swedish nature

LuleƄ, the town where I grew up, gave me a preview of Fall, my favourite season. Everything smelled so fresh, the kids started school, Johan and I walked up on a mountain early in the morning and then we went home.

I'm looking forward to Fall and also to present this year's collection of Wrist Worms! Let me know if you have any wishes when it comes to colours and materials.


  1. Nice pictures, almost can smell Fall.

  2. Beautiful captures Sandra! Sadly I can feel the cold winter knocking on my doors again too.

  3. Oh these all kill me, especially the forest ones!

  4. oh, how i wish to visit scandinavia!

    and - this has not really something to do with this blogpost - i love your blog and your instagram photos. and i really love that when reading/watching the pictures you get the feeling how you and johan really care for each other. that's precious.
    and i'm also curious about your next wrist worm collection. although i have to stop myself from buying too many other ones. ;)

  5. this looks like a gorgeous place to have grown up in. you're making me want to go visit my own hometown now! :)

  6. Such nice photos, love the foliage. Such a strong contrast from the everyday Berlin in your photos.

  7. beautiful fall colours sandra! i must confess that i'm ready for fall as well! though fall and winter are not as tough as in berlin! but i've had enough with all this heat around lisbon! i'm ready for cozier indoors and warm clothes! i almost felt the freshness coming out from your photos!

  8. Such gorgeous scenery, made all the more lovely by your photography. The duck house in the last photo made me smile!

  9. Love the pictures! Also, wrist worm request: black and white stripey ones! In a softer material, for autumn (rather than thick ones for snowy winter). ~ Sara

  10. That's so beautiful. I love autumn, it's also my favorite season but in here it takes *ages* to actually settle in.

  11. beautiful images
    so green, I can almost smell it
    and what a contrast with Berlin!
    and what a pretty mother you have
    I love freckles

    and a safe trip home

  12. Lovely photo walks, as usual. Fall is my favorite season, I'm very excited as well.

    Tell Johan that every time I see him in one of your photos I think, "I love his fashion choices, I want to dress more like Johan." Another reason why I'm looking forward to Fall, so I can layer like Johan :)

    Donna from Toronto (Canada)

  13. beautiful and amazing scenes .beauty no one can resist


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