Early morning at home

The sun is ruthless these days, that's what I love about fall.

Lizette-the-cat has settled in quite well.

And the painting which came with the apartment has found its place.

Around 7am the sun comes into the usually quite dark corridor.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Johan and I will hit the foodmarket and bring home lots of good stuff tomorrow. Also, I will list some new colours of Wrist Worms in the shop pretty soon (someone requested green ones, so there will be two new different shades).


  1. I love all the house plants you have! I tend to kill them so have lost heart.

    Your framed take-a-number ticket makes me curious, is there a special story relating to it?

    1. it's the day johan and i got married :)

    2. How beautiful! It's lovely that our memories can elevate ordinary objects into something of great value, precious just to us!

  2. i'm always so inspired by your decorating...i just love the textures on your walls, and how you organize and store your possessions (using books to hold up a shelf?! brilliant!). i'd love to see a tour of your house on design*sponge or something! :)

    as for this weekend, i'm sick, but still headed up to my cottage for a weekend with friends. i'm loving the light, and hoping to get a little action with my spectra, so i can capture these memories forever. (we're in the process of selling the cottage right now.) i love shooting in the fall light!

    have a great weekend!!

  3. Thanks for continuing to share pictures of your home! It looks like a beautiful place. This weekend in my neighborhood there is a big festival with arts and crafts, food, music, and really good people-watching. Tonight I will take my nephews and niece to watch a race through the neighborhood, and tomorrow I'll spend the day wandering around the neighborhood making sketches.

  4. I love your home! It looks so peaceful and serene! I love the beautiful framed pieces on you wall!



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