A day in Potsdam

The other day Johan and I went to Potsdam, a place I recommend every Berlin visitor if you have the time. It's such a nice contrast to Berlin's (lovely) roughness; Potsdam is cute, pastel coloured and filled with castles.

I hope you all look forward to the new year!
Happy 2013!!


Ps. If you have any wishes on what to see on my blog in the future, let me know and I'll keep it in mind. Will finally take time to scan and post film photos from 2012 in January (yippie!) :)


  1. What can i say? I -as well as the rest of us!- love very much your walks around Berlin and the pictures you take. They're really inspiring. I've never been to Europe yet and those posts make me daydream...

    So, that's what I would love to see more here!
    Have a great end of the year, Sandra, and better beginning of 2013!

    greetings from Argentina,

  2. beautiful photos! I would love to visit anywhere in Germany, and Potsdam looks stunning! I love the architecture and the lights strung in the trees.

  3. Wow, lovely photos from Potsdam. Can't wait to visit the city next year.

    Really love photo number 7, such contrasts!

    Keep up the good work, I always feel like I'm in Berlin when looking at your photos.
    Thanks for letting us enjoy the city through your eyes and happy new year!

  4. Oh, now I have a severe case of Fernweh. :)
    We lived in Potsdam for 5 years and moved to Ireland last year. And although Ireland is stunning I'm glad we are moving back to Potsdam in a few months. I really missed it, and Berlin. Looking forward to go to the fleamarkets on Sunday.
    Happy new year to you and Johan.

  5. sometimes it seems like your enchanted images may not exist except for when you walk by- the stone ram's skull and giant candle chime are just too much: I think this animation portrays your creative powers well
    have a very happy new year and thank you for another great year of blogging.

  6. Hi Sandra. Looking at your enticing pictures makes me add one resolution to my to-do list of the year... going back to Berlin or somewhere in Germany. I'm enjoying these cityscapes so much. The colors are totally yours in all of these and the atmosphere is great.
    Cheers from my sea-side tiny town and have a sweet and spicy year!

  7. Happy New Year to you, too. Long time since I was in Potsdam. I really liked it!

  8. A bunch of memories come to my mind...
    I have been in Postdam 15 years ago. wuuuuju! Thank´s for sharing!
    A mexican in Argentina fan of Berlin!
    Happy New Year!


  9. wonderful serie of ictures

  10. I haven't seen your blog in a while and I am now catching up. I forgot how great your photos are and they really inspire me. Thank you and happy new year

  11. Hi Sandra, looking forward to the film photos! I've found it really handy when I get film developed to ask for the photos on a CD - that way I don't have to bother with the scanning myself.

    1. i have tried it, but the quality is too bad compared to when i scan myself :)


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