A Sunday last Fall, Part III

Continuing this walk, there will be a couple of more parts. It's so much fun to have friends who share my interest in taking pictures. And it's so much fun to have this blog where I can post them, because what else would I do with them? :)


  1. I love to watch the world through the eyes of someone else, specially when I can´t be there... & particularly when it is so special!
    I really like your pics!

  2. Look back at them and see them as a kind of reminder of good memories. :)

    1. of course, but i would definitely not take as many pictures as i do now :) (but i would probably remember more often to take pictures of PEOPLE)

  3. lovely pictures! And amaaazing blue shoes. I think I'm in love with them haha! :-))


  4. Your films photos have been the highlight of the past days. They are so beautiful!

  5. Enjoying them all. Thanks for sharing

  6. i´m glad you take so many pictures and that you can share them :)

  7. I love your photos and so glad you post them for all to enjoy. I want to take more photos out and about but still feel too self conscious in certain public places, like some restaurants. Did you ever feel this way?


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