Beauty from the past

I would love to have old tiles like this (OK not the ones in the 3rd picture) on my bathroom floor. The last picture is from my house, makes me happy every day.


  1. Inspiring as always ;-)

  2. i love old tiles, but unfortunately I see them less and less these days.

  3. Oh yes, the third pattern is rather bizarre...
    The border of the last one looks like pretzles - I like that one best!!

  4. Oh, what are they called? Propaganda pattern? Weird!
    I always admire your tile pictures!

  5. i love those tiles!
    each one...is gorgeous!


  6. Hmm yes I had to scroll back to that 3rd picture, like "Did I really see that correctly...??"
    But very pretty old tiles, wouldn't mind having some in my home!

  7. Ah, the past is such an interesting place....

  8. I wonder why the tiles in the 3rd picture haven't been removed? I really like the 1st and 4th design.

  9. Love the first and the second one! The colors are so pretty, the tiles look calm and modest ♥.

  10. Oh, I have to look twice at the 3rd... haven't found it first.
    Dear Sandra,
    lucky you with the tiles in your house! I even like that one in the second pic.

    Repeating pattern are calming to me.

    With black wrist worms on ;)

  11. Beautiful. I'm always drawn to photograph tiles as well. I love the picture with the trees. I've never seen such neat trash

  12. beautiful sandra! we dont get many old tiles over here that are so decorative. i always enjoy seeing pictures of them from yourself and other bloggers. the colours in the first two are really pretty and all the little ones that make-up the last one fascinate me. i also like the heavy black doors against the tiles in the third image and the way you have captures a peek of the lines in the bottom left of the image the run up to these tiles.

  13. i like those too. they remind me of my grandmother's house...

  14. very nice ones! it's almost always worth either looking down or way up, too... :) :)

  15. Hi Sandra,

    I see the swastikas on the third tiles, but then I also see Ts. :) I think Berlin has this wonderful thing where you can find bits of history everywhere, and as unhappy as it is, the swastikas are part of recent history (and it´s better we don´t forget).

    Have a great day!

  16. I like the second one the best! so lovely

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