At my sister's place

Yesterday I went to visit my family, get some proper winter and eat semla (hadn't had one for THREE years and it is my favourite pastry!), kebabpizza, pizzasalad, max hamburgers, shrimps, try to find some pƄskmust and enjoy some snus. Sounds like a healthy diet, huh?

These pictures are from last Summer, at my sister's place. I hope to show you some wintery pictures here soon.


  1. Your sister's place looks magical too. Love the roses round the mirror. I'm sure you don't mind that I mentioned you in my blogpost today.

  2. such a lovely home!

    enjoy your days in Sweden!

  3. Her house is so sweet :) I love the first picture, with those flowers above the mirror

  4. your sister's place is wonderful. love the vibe and the cake!

  5. your sisters place is lovely. and omg the cake is the sweetest! i love it : )

  6. i like the decoration items at your sister's house :)

  7. Hi Sandra, I find the picture of the girl (perhaps your niece) enchanting. She seems inspired and inspiring. I also love her style and will copy it shamelessly. All the best to your February, I seldom comment but always look forward to your blog postings.

  8. Ich mag deine Fotos sehr!
    LG Susan


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