(Saying hi from my bookkeeping bubble with some pictures from last week, hi!)


  1. Hi! Hang in there. Sending many good bookkeeping vibes...if such a thing exists ;-)

  2. "Vegan feels good", i like that!

  3. hey =) when I think about bookkeeping I get heart attack...the best thing about it - is the feeling when you are finally done! wish you lots of power!

  4. That last picture of the ice is beautiful!

  5. Hiii! I don't really know what bookkeeping is (I see is something related to taxes but here on Argentina we don't do it that way), but either way, hope you finish soon so you can go out and enjoy some fresh air!


  6. I'm wondering Sandra, do you always shoot horizontally? I don't recall seeing pictures of yours in vertical format. Is this a trademark or just because of the restrictions when posting (you have to pair two vertical images or post it larger)? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    1. i do shoot (and post) vertical pictures, but rarely (both 1 big or 2 paired) because i like horizontal pictures best (especially in blog format) :)

  7. I love your description of bookkeeping 'bubble!' Isn't that exactly how it feels sometimes....
    As I was reading through your older posts, I have been mexmerized by your Berlin photos and how you capture just the perfect little corners and snapshots of the city. Oh, I must travel.

    Hope you are able to get out and about today ~

  8. Berlin really has amazing colors and you can catch it perfectly.
    it would be so nice to see how your eyes/camera catch some other cities. London and Barcelona specially.

  9. You take the most beautiful pictures of this city! Could you please tell me where that place in the fourth photograph is? Would love to check it out sometime if it's in Berlin. Googling "vegan feels good berlin" didn't help, though...

    All the best with your bookkeeping! There are about 300 receipts on my desk, too, waiting to be organized and entered into excel-columns. Yuck.

  10. hi sandra! thanks for the beautiful images upload. good job on tackling your bookwork. x


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