Fika & Food in Sweden

Johan joined the first few days during our stay in my old hometown and he prepared amazing breakfasts in the mornings.

In my sister's kitchen, I love her place.

I promised myself to eat semla every day. I ended up having NINE.

Engagement dinner for my dad and his lovely lady.

Another Johan-breakfast (the tube of messmör travelled with him to Berlin, no one else in my family likes it).

No one believes me when I say that most restaurants serve pizza in Luleå, here is proof ;)

Another semla. I hadn't had one in three years!

The last evening I made some tacos Swedish style for my mum, sister and nieces.

Ready for some snowy pictures?


  1. It all looks great, and especially because you were visiting your family and having a good time!

  2. looks like you had lots of fun :)
    you guys are the masters of art de la table!
    and cooking i presume!

  3. now I desperately need to eat semla. too bad I live in South America xD

  4. It all looks wonderful. I love your sister's kitchen

  5. Yum to semla and anything brunost related..... ;)

  6. so much great food! I am so hungry looking at these tasty yummy picutres!
    wish you a happy ending february!

  7. great time you had, I see :) food looks amazing, I just love those breakfasts with tons of different foodstuff. we have similar delicacy like semla, here in Serbia (similar by the look) and it tastes excellent. I guess i would like semla, too

  8. What is this semla! Ooh it looks amazing and now I must have it.

  9. lovely pictures, as always! and can i have a semla now, please? :-)

  10. Corn, cucumber, red pepper, guacamole, but what's this meat at the bottom of the picture please?

  11. oh, engagement dinner! och sisters kitchen, snacks o teckningar <3

  12. Wonderful photos! German breakfast is AMAAZING - I was briefly at a homestay in Munich and my hosts were so gracious to serve a plethora of cheese and ham. IMHO it's possibly the only thing that comes close to the glory of the English breakfast.

    gz x

  13. That semla looks so tasty! I wish I could make it at home...


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