New York, March 2012, Part II

Looking so much forward to going back to NYC in the future being jetlagged and walk the empty streets early early in the mornings. Looking forward to those early empty streets-mornings when the sun is up in Berlin too :)


  1. Really interesting tones and colours. Makes me soooo want to go back to NYC!

  2. I'm a sucker for architecture. I'd love to live just appreciating buildings and taking pics. Yours are excellent, as usual ;)
    Hope you can go to NYC soon ;)

  3. I like your pictures of New York. I was lucky to spend there few days myself. I liked to find out, when I first laid my foot there, that the city is actually old, that lot of the buildings are some hundred years old and that the image with skyscrapers that we get is just one part of New York. Unlike the rest of America, out of what I could see.
    Have a nice day.

  4. You were in NYC! Lucky you! Your photos are great :)

  5. Hi - I plan to visit NYC soon and might need to stay in a hotel. Where did you stay and were the rates reasonable?
    Thank you,


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