Randoms from my studio and home

From a few months ago, some good changes have been done since then.


  1. I always loved the excellent light you have there in your studio... and to see that real studios, where real people work are actually messy (but still with personal style and character), not like the magazine-like pics you see in Pinterest ;)

    I don't know why I thought you had a Pinterest account and now I look on the side bar of the blog and no, you don't. It's better that way I think...it's such a procrastination place! (but I like it, of course)

    Have a nice week!

  2. What are these packages, are those wrist worms waiting for new owners?

    Lovely :)

  3. I love the light of the last picture posts you've made!

  4. Inspiring home and studio you got there, i just went to Berlin and fell completely in love, and i will go back now in 10´th of march, when my husband will play at a place called White trash, do you know it? / Hälsningar ifrån Norr.
    / Petra

  5. Such lovely lighting and wonderfully cozy. Also, I love the little camel on the bookshelf.

  6. Nice to visit a bit of your working place...I love to see the "ateliers d'artistes".

  7. Ah, jag gillar din smak och stil! Min dröm är att ha en egen studio. Under tiden beundrar jag din kontor :-)

  8. nice place to work , very nice your plant " philodendro"

  9. That's really an inspiring place to work ^_^


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