Early morning

Pictures from the other morning. I have had the honour of being sick for a few days now - something I discovered while taking this walk on which I stumbled around looking like a drunk person trying to make my way home.


  1. great coffee place...
    get well soon, dear!

  2. beautiful photos! xx


  3. poor you! hope you got home ok (no falls in the snowbank, right?)...and hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. Great pictures. Feel better soon!

  5. This place is wonderful! Where is it? I am going to Berlin next week and I would like to stop by!

    I hope you feel better soon and even if it is my first time leaving a comment I am always checking your blog as your photos are so inspiring and beautiful!

  6. love love love - especially the first two images!

  7. I love photo posts. ughh, hope you're feeling better already! if not...sooooon.

  8. Glömmer nästan bort bloggar nu när jag blivit aktiv på instagram... bättring på de!
    De där cafét måste jag besöka när jag är i Berlin, såg en bild på stället på flickr och blev kär :)

  9. the Michelberger lobby is a good place to go, when you're not all that fit. You can even lay down a bit and nobody will look at you ;) get well soon!


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