April 11, 2002-2013

2002: I made dinner for a friend and took a picture of the lamp hanging above the dining table (still have the lamp, but haven't used it for many many years...).

2003: Bought a new lamp for my ex (I was obviously very much into lamps in the beginning of the 2000's, yes I was).

2004: Dining corner in the livingroom. Can't believe I used platemats, I totally forgot about those times.

2005: Introducing Johan to my dad's favourite snack; falukorv med kaviar (sausage with smoked roe spread).

2006: Some hungry bastards.

2007. A young Johan. Love his hair.

2008. Walking home, probably from university. Springtime in Gothenburg was always special.

2009. Wanted to have a picnic in the park, but there was no space for us.

2010. Johan baking bread in our old kitchen in Gothenburg.

2011. Had just finished painting the new kitchen here in Berlin and started to move stuff in.

2012. Went to an exhibition with Charlyn. It was a night to remember, drinking bubbly on the streets just wandering around giggling.

2013. Have been busy working all day. There are still a few Buttcrack Characters left in the shop. This is Ms. Clara.


  1. the buildings in gothenburg are so vibrant! lovely photos!

  2. I love these pictures, and it's cute that you went through a lamp phase.

    On this day in 2010 I was at my brother's wedding in Berlin! I can't believe that was three years ago already.

  3. I love the pics!!
    as always.

  4. Such wonderful memories, dear S! :**
    This is like sunshine to me right now (it's grey with ice pellets falling from the sky outside.... *sigh*).

  5. Falukorv med kaviar hm...nej jag tror inte jag ska testa det. Jag gillar kaviar och falukorv men inte tillsammans. Fast det är klart om man inte testar det så vet man inte vad man går miste om. Så... OM jag mot all förmodan blir bjuden på det lovar jag att testa det. HA en härlig helg!

  6. oh sandra...i totally love your reviews!
    how great that you can picture your past so well!
    by the way...i love johans hair on that photo.
    it´s perfect!

    have a great and sunny weekend!


  7. Delightfully random random summary of all those years. Love it! x

  8. oh, your post makes me crave spring even more! plus, how adorable are the tiny golden, soft looking hairs on johan's ear? haha, so sweet!


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