In my kitchen

Today I made the most simple lunch and it was so so good. Thought I'd share the recipe (though I believe the picture already says it all):

Asparagus with fried eggs
Take as much green asparagus as you want, I took 7. Fry them in butter and give them lots of salt. Put them on a plate.
Fry 2 eggs (I prefer my yolk very loose). Give them salt and black pepper. Put them on top of the asparagus.
Add some tomatoes.

I had planned to add white truffle oil, which I think would've been a good combo, but I forgot (too hungry).
Or maybe parmesan cheese could be nice.
Or coriander/cilantro.

This portion will for sure keep me full for hours. Yum!


  1. oh that looks so yummy...need to try this tomorrow.
    when i bought some asparagus on the market...
    i love love love green asparagus!!!
    thanks for sharing your oh so yummy lunch!!!


  2. my grocer was totally out of asparagus the other day, it was the weirdest thing and i've been craving it ever since. happy weekend!

  3. That is my kind of food. Delicious :-)

  4. mhmm .... looks veRy delicious.
    and i like your polar bear. so much.

  5. My mouth is watering already. Lovely photos.

  6. your bar is glorious and your meal looks heavenly.

  7. What a beautiful meal. I love the colours!

  8. i love your kitchen, so much light and all those details are perfect.

  9. i love green asparagus, but still have to be patient. the farmer who provides us with our regional 'bio-kiste' told us we still have to wait some weeks cause the grounds are still to cold ... guten appetit!

  10. I spent hours reading your posts (not quite done, yet)...Loved the simplicity and the candid way you share your daily life on the blog..It brought smile on my face and inspired me to walk : )) Sending you love from India.

  11. yum - three of my fav foods : ) i went off eating eggs for about 10 years but the last couple i have been loving them again - with loose yolks too!
    love that hendrick's gin bottle/label x

  12. Hi Sandra, you really have to try with parmesan, they are amaziiiing! I boil asparagus, place them on the plate, grate parmesan on them and the place the eggs fried in butter... buuuuoooni!

    1. parmesan is standard with my asparagus (except this time) :) yum!!

  13. It's such a lovely surprise to see there's Taiwan newspaper on your kitchen rack!

  14. I love this photos! The last one is so nice. /Elina


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