Lunch date

BANG! Summer arrived!
Have had lunch in the sun with Johan, laughing and eating (I had a mixed salad with mozzarella and he had a spinach salad with mushrooms, parmesan and bacon). Afterwards we took a walk.

Didn't bring my camera out this weekend (I thought it was broken, but this morning I fixed it - yay!), so I present it with some words: Parties, Sun, Friends, Halloumi im Brot, Disco, Champagne, Market, Coffee, Balcony, Sushi, Book, Hangover Light, Fun and so on.

Happy new week!


  1. that all sounds so great!
    and i love that picture of laughing johan!
    yes...summer arrived...i´m so happy!
    have a great and sunny week, sandra!


  2. yay for summer! yay for sun and salads out in open air cafes!

  3. Your city is so beautiful and you capture it so well. It seems like the streets everywhere are lined with colour - a photographer's dream!

  4. Oh it's my car!!! The same than in Marseille I mean...

  5. loving all of the COLOR in these photos. :)

    Nice catch..Johan's laugh. :) It's contagious...all the way to here in Chicago!

  6. I miss Berlin. I was there last april and fall in love with the city.


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