Streetfood Thursday

In Markthalle IX, every Thursday, one of the best things that happened Berlin foodwise takes place.

The Markthalle IX is a fascinating building. Yesterday I went there with Johan.

German food, Spanish food, Jamaican food, Korean food. Food food food. From so many countries.

These sodas are so good. But we didn't choose soda.

We chose oysters and champagne to start with!

And then IPA (my favourite kind of beer).

So many excited people were there.

Johan and I shared a SpƤtzle. It's like mac n' cheese, so heavy and yet so yummy as long as you don't eat too much of it.

The perfect name for a beer when it comes to my man ;)

A plate of Manchego, the best Manchego I've tasted so far. The bread, olives and olive oil were amazing as well.

This is going to be a Thursday tradition for sure.


  1. I love your photos. They make me want to visit Berlin, and they make me hungry. :)

  2. wow, this looks fantastic! those oysters, mmm, I could it them all day.
    but I bet, it would be so hard to decide which food yr gonna taste first

  3. Mmm yummy!I know where I shall be heading should I ever happen to be in Berlin on a Thursday :)

  4. That sounds/looks just perfect. I wish I could grab those oysters!

  5. Wow, that sounds almost too good to be true. I must go there, the next time I'm in Berlin.

  6. What a lovely idea. Restaurant Day (which is a thing that could easily happen in Berlin rather than in Helsinki ;)) has grown huge in Finland within the past few years. Check it out in http://www.restaurantday.org/fi/about/.

  7. Oh, Berlin!! I was there on February, i think i´ll never have enough about that amazing city! Great pics, like ever! Big hugs.

  8. And I completely understand why, as I am seeing these gorgeous pictures. Would love to be there as well. Please keep sharing photos as the atmosphere looks amazing!

  9. seeing your pictures gives a warm heart !


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