Finding colour in the city

On my walks around the city I always look for colourful spots, it's not hard to find them during spring. Now it's time to fill this blog with pictures from Paris, are you ready? I'm looking forward to share!


  1. oh that first picture ist amazing!!!
    brings so much sun and smiles in that cold and rainy day! thank you so much for that, sandra!!!
    and yes...i´m ready or lot´s of paris pictures!:)
    happy monday to you!


  2. I'm more than ready ! I hope Johan and you had a good time in Paris and that you will come back one day ! (and despite this awful protestation of yesterday )

  3. Yes we are :) Kiss from Paris

  4. I like the fourth photo. It's a good idea to plant herbs on cans. Very colorful. :)

  5. The colours are amazing, as usual

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

  6. Hi Sandra, I always enjoy your blog posts and your lovely photos from Berlin. I am actually in Berlin right now (went to The Hive blogging conference this weekend), and we are staying in an apartment in Friedrichshain. I am leaving for Copenhagen tomorrow, but it has been so fun to see some of the places you have mentioned, and to walk around your neighborhood, which I felt I already knew from your blog. Thanks a lot for all the good advice!


  7. Great colours, Spring is brighter in Berlin than in Lisbon, at the moment :-)))

  8. oh my old hood, from at least twelve years ago; my house and the absolute best greek restaurant in town. thank you for that little trip down memory lane.

  9. I love the colors - so beautiful and inspiring.


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