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Pictures from 2004.

For Johan's birthday this year I gave him a long weekend in Paris, it's his first time in this wonderful city.
Will show you lots of pictures from our trip next week! In the meantime you can follow my adventures on instagram.

If you think of a place I shouldn't miss, feel free to mention it in the comment field. I'm mostly interested in beautiful neighbourhoods/streets, good places to eat and drink + nice shops for magazines and second hand. Not so much into museums or visiting famous people's graves though ;) Thanks a bunch!


  1. This is J's 1st time?!!
    I hope he loves Paris as much as I do....it's super magnifique!

    Have a wonderful time, you two!

    p.s. I don't have any specific restaurant/shop recos, but you must eat every single eclair and mille feuille you can get your hands on! ahahaaa

  2. Bonjour Sandra !
    It's the first time I comment on your blog, but as a parisienne, I can't help to share some good spots .
    - There is currently a foodie event in Paris "Les heures heureuses" http://lesheuresheureuses.paris.fr/

    - Some beautiful neighbourhood you should check out : Canal Saint-Martin, le Haut-Marais, la Nouvelle Athène (around Musée de la vie romantique / rue des Martyrs / Notre-Dame de Lorette)

    - around the Canal, pay a visit to the bar/second hand shop/exhibition space "Le Comptoir général", well hidden in a courtyard off the Canal (80 quai de Jemmapes, 75010), the boulangerie "Du pain et des idées" (34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010) and to the bookshop "Artazart" (83, quai de Valmy, 75010).

    - food and drink in le Haut-Marais : Le Candelaria, 52 rue de Saintonge (amazing cocktails and tacos) ; L'Ilôt 4 rue de la Corderie(seafood and white wine in a quiet street, perfect when sunny);

    Around Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you will find very good pâtisseries and tea rooms : La Pâtisserie des rêves, rue du bac, 7ème arrondissement (try their Paris-Brest), Colorova rue de l'Abbé Grégoire 75006 (excellent pâtisseries, very cosy and modern tea room), Coutume Café (rue de Babylone, 75007) serves La Pâtisserie des rêves cakes and excellent coffee [next door to Coutume, check out the cinema La Pagode and its garden]. You should try French pâtisseries with a japanese touch at Sadaharu Aoki (35 rue de Vaugirard, 75006) and Pierre Herme's Ispahan Croissant (only 1,80 euro for a tasty rose/letchi/rasberry viennoiserie - a real treat. But they run out of stock quickly, try to go in the morning).

    - even though you don't want to go to the museums, I would recommand you the Palais de Tokyo in the 16th arrondissement. It's a contemporary art museum. The building is incredible and it is overlooking the Seine. The restaurant Tokyoeat serves good food and cocktails. Palais de Tokyo's bookshop offers a great selection of international art/design/architecture magazines.

    Have a nice stay in Paris ! I can't wait to see Paris through your eyes !

  3. Le Magasin "Le Bon Marché", 24 Rue de Sèvres 75007 Paris, tolle Architektur!
    Beaucoup de plaisir!

  4. Rue Mouffetard + surroundings is nice.

  5. Make sure you check out this blog Sandra (http://paris-by-journal-de-jours.blogspot.fr/), as it shares plenty of super addresses in Paris, listed by a Belgian textile designer who did an internship in the capital of France very recently. Enjoy your trip!

  6. kilo-shop= second hand shop rue de la vervienne
    La coulé verte = old train transformed into a park
    Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, 30 rue de Bretagne
    Rosa Bonheur, Parc des Buttes Chaumont
    Pink Flamingo, 105 rue Vieille du Temple (pizza: you order and get a balloon, then you go and sit in the park, the pizzaboy brings you the pizza)
    Canal st martin


  7. Als ich vor vielen Jahren einmal in Paris gewohnt und gearbeitet habe,
    gab es dieses: Le Loir dans la Theiere im Marais-Viertel.
    Ich fand es süß für eine kleine Pause.
    Aber ob es heute noch süß ist? Vielleicht bist du sowieso in der Nähe?
    Donne le bonjour à Paris de ma part...


  8. Bonjour Sandra !

    I think you may like the restaurants NANASHI (it reminds me a bit Aunt Benny )
    And for the view , the top of Beaubourg .
    And for a walk : Canal Saint Martin , streets near the Parc Montsouris and not far from there La cité universitaire , etc etc :http://www.ciup.fr/en/les_maisons/le_parc

    Enjoy your stay !

  9. Hi Sandra,

    I hope you guys have a nice trip !
    I'm sure you'll find some nice walk on this french blog : http://www.etsionsepromenait.com/par-arrondissements/
    Here are some of my favorites :
    - http://www.etsionsepromenait.com/blog/2011/5/31/balade-autour-de-notre-dame.html
    - http://www.etsionsepromenait.com/blog/2010/2/25/le-passage-du-chantier.html
    - http://www.etsionsepromenait.com/blog/2012/4/3/la-cite-florale.html
    - http://www.etsionsepromenait.com/blog/2012/7/2/balade-champetre-dans-le-14eme.html

  10. Welcome home ! Le Comptoir General 80 quai de Jemmapes 10ème arrondissement : when I see the atmosphere of your beautiful bars coffee in Berlin I think you'll love it. I put photos into my blog but I would be happy to look at it through your eyes :) Enjoy

  11. If you are looking for a place to eat with delicious, seasonal, organic and affordable food, you must go to Boco!!! It is the one restaurant I recommend to people when they are going to Paris.

    I know you are not much into museums, but the Musee du Quai Branly is unlike any other museum you will see in Paris. The grounds and building are so fantastic, and the focus is on non-European history. There is a head from Easter Island in the lobby!! Really cool, and the gift shop is alright, too.

    Have fun!

  12. I'm not sure where you are staying, but it's great to wander the Rue des Ecoles on the Left Bank. The Sorbonne is located on this street, so there are lots of great book stores, cafes, and a revival cinema where the students line up for 10pm showings. I'm not sure which day, but there's a farmer's market on the street with beautiful flowers, vegetables, and lots of little treats you can take for a picnic. On the same street is a traditional bistro called the Brasserie Balzar. If I could only have one meal in Paris, it's a toss up between the soups at the Balzar and the falafel sandwiches at a spot in the Marais called L'Ace du Falafel and it's endorsed by Lenny Kravitz, take your amazing sandwich heaping with roasted eggplants and picnic near the fountains in the Place des Voges. Be sure and check the dates for the Marais, it closes down on the Jewish sabbath. With its windy little claustropobic streets and intricate tile work, I think you'll dig all the exotic charm of that little neighborhood, filled with restaurants, boutiques, and chic chocolate shops.

    Ps - I just came across your blog and love your photos. I'm heading to Berlin in two weeks and you've given me OH SO many ideas. More than anything else, you inspire me just to go for long walks with my camera!

  13. Rose Bakery (46 Rue des Martyrs, M° Pigalle, Anvers) ! I love this neighborhood ! And Kooka Boora (62 Rue des Martyrs) to drink a good coffee ! There is a great exhibition of Ron Mueck at the Fondation Cartier (261 Boulevard Raspail, M° Raspail).

  14. - Merci (it's a shop but they also make good coffee & cakes) - 111 boulevard Beaumarchais (3ème arr)

    - Le CENTQUATRE (for art, food, drinks, 2nd hand, etc...) - 5 rue Curial (19è arr)

    - Palais de Tokyo (for contemporary art...they have a great bookshop) - 13 avenue du Président Wilson (16è arr)

    - le Comptoir Général - 80 quai Jemmapes (10è arr) -

    have a nice time !!!

  15. Hi Sandra,
    I highly recommend to go to the Buttes chaumont and la Mouzaïa (cute and interesting area, one where we still have houses) both places are nearby.
    Enjoy your stay in Paris!

  16. Oh, you're in Paris!! hope to see you with your pink baskets in the city's streets :)

    Some of my favorite places in Paris are:
    - Musée d'Orsay, especially the 5th floor, you have a beautiful sightseeing!
    - Palais de Tokyo (with its vintage photoautomat :)) and the Museum of Modern Art, just in front, the exhibition of K. Haring inside is great.
    - Le Café A, at the 148 rue du faubourg saint martin, 10e. It's an old monastery with a garden where you can take a drink and eat.
    - The best japanese restaurant is at le Marché des Enfants Rouges. it's a very kind market in the marais.

    Enjoy your stay in this beautiful city!

  17. When I lived in Paris I loved this bar:
    Have a great trip!

  18. yes! you did it!
    I'm happy for you, you can find nice tips here http://etpourquoipasdemain.blogspot.fr/search/label/mes%20restos%20%C3%A0%20paris
    but may be you are back?!

  19. i am pretty sure you will like that shop : http://www.tombeesducamion.com/

  20. Hi Sandra! :-)

    You should go to the bookshop "Shakespeare and co" (37 Rue de la Bucherie - next to Notre Dame)

    Really, don´t miss it, you are going to love it!

  21. I'm glad you write that museums - I'm not interested either! Why go to a dusty old museum when you have a vibrant city to explore. Always thought I was weird. :)


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