Mini vacation in the west

On Sunday Johan and I decided to go to an underground station called Onkel Toms Hütte just because the name sounded amazing. Had no idea of what we would meet and it was a very nice surprise.

Looking up at the fake green leaves in a very pretty Biergarten.

I had a small asparagus soup for lunch and Johan had Nackensteak with onion.

So many beautiful buildings in Zehlendorf.

So curious about the insides of them.

Waiting for the S-bahn.

Then we ended up in Friedenau and took a walk.

To look at more beautiful buildings.

I'm so happy that this city never ends, there are always new places to discover and the public transport is so good at taking you there.


  1. Good for you for exploring! I used to work in Friedenau and indeed, parts of it have the most beautiful old buildings I've ever seen in Berlin.

    Then you've got the main "Einkaufsmeile" Schlossstrasse with absolutely every shop on the planet including some great old Konditoreien. It's almost enough to make you want to move there...until you realize you'd be the youngest person there by about...30 years! :)

  2. the thing i love the most about looking at your pictures are the buildings and the same feeling you have - that the city never ends! it's quite impressive! i love to see these magnificent buildings that were designed in such a beautiful and rich way!

  3. I had no idea there was a station called Onkel Toms Hütte! I just read about it, and it really is named after the book. Incredible! Danke for another useful Berlin lesson. :)

  4. it looks like it would be a very pleasant place to live :)

  5. Love your photos.
    Can you tell me which camera do you use?

    beautiful blog. :)



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