Saturday, from early morning to late night

Saturday started with coffee at the market, as usual, but this time we were 3.

We checked out some market jewelry.

And the giant basil.

Colourful flowers everywhere.

The amount of food at the market made us hungry and we decided to go to Aunt Benny instead of having something at the market.


Everything looks kind of fake during spring, in the best way.

The view from my seat.

Prosecco for brunch to start with.

And then the food arrived, great as always!

And bang! We went to Mitte. Had lots of sightseeing to do.

This must be one of the most photographed places in Mitte, I see why!

Passed by another market.


An office.

And the holocaust memorial.

Spent the evening in Prenzlauer Berg sitting in a park drinking beer and chatting.

We walked a lot! Later it was time for food again, vietnamese this time.

The sky was amazing (well, did I have to tell you really?).


Japanese Crepes anyone?

Such an intense and wonderful weekend!
Come back again soon Christina!


  1. Wonderful pictures ! Your blog is really sweet.

  2. I love your blog and have been following for some time. Saturday from early morning to late night made me smile and warmed my heart! I don't know why. Have a Zen day

  3. this sounds like an holiday in the own town!

  4. Ooh, i just love your blog, pictures, colours, lifestyle, home, Berlin <3

    Elma from Helsinki

  5. wonderful pictures! need to return to Berlin

  6. That is a perfect day!
    Happy, happy Spring!


  7. ååååh jag längtar redan tillbaka ! blir alldeles varm när jag tittar på dina bilder och de fina minnen !

  8. WOW! De ruyter hagelslag, chocolat to put at your sandwich! I was in Berlin just these last 4 days, i am now an hour weer back home. It was such a wonderfull wether, and the city was lovely as always!

  9. Wow... the sky photo IS amazing.
    I find myself taking the sky all the time :)

  10. hey the picture with the eye is from the street artist JR, a guy concerned by the world (http://www.jr-art.net/fr)
    by the way you should stop by Paris one day, i have kind of same feeling here as you, it is never ending to discover new places ;) i cant stop walking through the city !

  11. Whoa, very cool JR piece in Berlin!! Which alley is that, with the orange and red flags?


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