Paris, on a Friday evening

Stumbling upon Ladurée all of a sudden we just had to go in and buy a couple of macarons. Went for these two (rose & salty caramel - to die for!).

It was Friday 1.5 weeks ago, we had walked 20 kilometres and started to get pretty hungry. No restaurant in sight here, hehe.

Cheese and a glass of wine - the plan was to share the plate and then have dinner, but the amount of cheese was so big that there was no space for more food in our bellies. Yum!

Love Bubble Bobble <3
Happy to see the locks are kept in Paris, here in Berlin they remove them.

Hi Johan!

Friday evening and the streets were quite empty, surprising to me - I thought Paris was going to be super crowded :)


  1. *sigh*
    I thought it was early in the morning. No one in sight!

  2. Lovely to glimpse the quiet beauty of new streets.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day and the photos you took are beautiful. Oh my, all those macarons, I could cry!

  4. the parisian's streets are also nice to photograph when the stores are closed isn't ?

  5. Why are all those locks there and why are they removed in Berlin?

  6. I want to comment the same thing on every one of your posts: I love your pictures!!

  7. Your beautiful pics from Paris make me miss the city so much it hurts!


  8. Hummm Ladurée macarrons.... :-))))

  9. i love visiting parts of the world through your photos that i may never see in person. they have an intimacy about them that makes me feel like i'm almost there walking the streets too. thank you, always, for sharing with us! xevie


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