A morning in the city

Love to go window shopping on early Sunday mornings when the streets are empty.

Very true - The door to your cell can only be unlocked from the inside!

Took a walk in Prenzlauer Berg last Sunday morning at 9am.

Found an open coffee place and sat down for cortado.

This was on my right side, Johan was on my left.

Passing by emtpy, soon-to-be crowded, cafés on our way down to Mitte.

My favourite trash bin.

More window shopping. This cap is totally Pet Shop Boys to me. Have you listened to their new album Electric? It's so so so crazy good, finally they are doing disco again!

Time for breakfast - Döner, in a park.

Sunbathers by the river.

Don't know who did this, but it made me laugh.

Weekend was amazing meeting friends, celebrating a birthday, walking, eating, drinking sparkling wine, taking breaks on the balcony and I am so filled with energy, which is great because this week is busy and fun!


  1. i loved Van Gogh's t-shirt :P

  2. Loved seeing the city through these shots! The Berghain bag and van Gogh shirt are awesome. Also need to find the Pet Shop Boys new album ASAP - thanks for reminding me

  3. I enjoy these small moments you captured! I love the colorful chairs and tables in the cafe especially :)

  4. I loved the new (well not so new now! ha ha) Pet Shop Boys album. We got it on vinyl and played it all summer. "Thursday" was my favourite track :)


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