July 12, 2006-2013

2006: I was in Stockholm a few hours with Johan, just taking a walk between flights.

2007: Breakfast in Gothenburg, with Johan. I remember we laughed so hard, but can't remember why.

2008: Just came back home after having pizza at our favourite pizza place in Gothenburg.

2009: Johan's crazy amazing baguettes.

2010: Haha, this picture makes me laugh. Taken in my studio in Gothenburg.

2011: My friend (who passed away last year) grew me this rose and this was the first time it bloomed. This morning (speaking about today 2013) I saw a new rosebud! So happy I have managed to keep it alive for so long.

2012: Busy summer working on this - so much fun!

2013: Shared a pizza with Johan for lunch, it was deeeelicious!


  1. I love when you do these time snaps of a certain day. I rarely can imagine what I was doing before on a certain day with a few exceptions of things like deaths, weddings or graduations. I really enjoy your blog, thank you!!!

  2. the first pic...what a lovely view!!!

    You've been having great 12s of July ;)

  3. Love the idea of recapping one month over some years. All photos beautiful.

  4. love this post and all the sentiments, Sandra. I love that photographs transport us back to those moments.

  5. This just proves to show that photographs are what remain :)

  6. wow. Really love the collection of 12 of july. So near, so everyday...lovely.

  7. Such a lovely idea - to recap on a specific date. I enjoy your blog so much, fabulous, evocative images. Thank you:)

  8. We are going to Gothenburg in 3 weeks, can't wait!

  9. Great collection, beautiful photos.
    Have a lovely week!

  10. Love this sort of post Sandra! So good to go back in time and cherish your memories.
    Must be a very special feeling to notice the new rose bud. May the roses may continue to bloom forever ...


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