My July

July has been such a good month. I've enjoyed watching a thunderstorm from my balcony and been eating lots of pelmeni.

Started one morning at the Badeschiff and caught a colourful wall with my camera.

Grannysquare blanket being made. Campari soda before going to an amazing wedding party!

Johan and I start the mornings with a walk and coffee a few times a week. Have been eating lots of Ramen this month.

I. Have. Been. Enjoying. Having. A. Shower. At. Home. So. Much. That. I. Have. To. Stop. Talking. About. It. Waking up with the sun in my face every morning.

Visiting the food market every Saturday. And that Döner breakfast last weekend, yum.

Greek salad is on my summer food top list. Johan in his beloved Mattias Alkberg t-shirt.

Have been working on a new grannysquare blanket which will be finished and listed in the shop this week hopefully. A few of the Eyes print are still available.

Some of my favourite plates and a pretty flower shop.

Hi! Hi friend!

Yesterday I was craving an egg sandwich before going to a pool party, this bulldog is one of my best friends in Berlin. He's the happiest old man.

That pool saved my life yesterday as it was hot hot hot. Today I've been enjoying Elle Interiör, a flat white, showers of rain and a tiny hangover.

Happy Monday!


  1. Nice post, made me crave mushroom pelmeni!

  2. What a nice July Sandra!

  3. Puss/Kram!
    From me+Murphy

  4. Love this post - life is good!

  5. i like your july =)) have a great week!

  6. SabineMi:
    i love the wooden bench with the "rolling" beck rest... Where did you get it?


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