Walking towards a cup of coffee

This dress is super comfy and makes me look like a ball ;)

Started my Friday with a walk to COFFEE.


It's great to start the day with a walk and a coffee halfway.

Watching people passing by, sipping my coffee, reading a book or a magazine.

So empty. Tomorrow it's going to be crowded, the weekly farmers' market! Looking forward to it.

This pistachio house is amazing.

Bought some roses for the weekend.

They say this weekend is going to be hotter than anything I've ever experienced, wow!


  1. I always love to look at the photos of your walks, personally I don't like all the graffiti in the streets, it looks dirty and it is certainly not art. I do love the work of Banksy and a long time ago 'the sprayer from Zürich'. The nine roses look fantastic, very Hollandish orange :)

  2. It looks lovely in Berlin, enjoy the heat!

  3. Oh schön! Wo ist denn dieses grüne Haus zu finden?

    ♥ annemie

  4. We are going to have 39 degrees in the weekend, italy is at its summer best, now it's 34 and it's night time, not unusual here (unfortunately). Let us know how it was over there :-)

  5. fint!
    vad tycker du om boken? läste ut den häromnatten, och den berörde mig oerhört på slutet...

  6. love pistachio house! wow!


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