Sandra's Guide to: New York City

Time for a guide to New York City. Hope you'll enjoy! Please click links for addresses and opening hours etc.

When I'm in New York I prefer to walk and good shoes are recommended even if you're not planning to walk a lot, because you end up walking a lot anyway :)

Tribeca Grand
The last time in NYC I stayed at this hotel. It's very good and the location is great. I was lucky to stay there for free thanks to my husband's job but if you want to spend money on a good hotel I recommend this. Otherwise I'm sure there are plenty of great places to find via Airbnb. Johan really recommends the Soho Grand, I've only tried the bar there and it's highly recommended!


A legend. Really recommend making a reservation at this place.

Great cocktails, interior and food. Highly recommended.

The High Line
Don't forget a walk along the High Line.

Magnolia Bakery
Sorry for the shabby shoe picture, but at least you see how beautiful the floor is in this New York City institution for cupcakes etc ;)

La Colombe
Amazing coffee and the best almond croissants I've ever had. They have three places on Manhattan, I visited the one on Church Street as it was next to my hotel. My favourite coffee place in NYC for sure, not only because of the great coffee but because of those beautiful cups and saucers.

Lucky Strike
A favourite bar with great cocktails and good looking interior.

Swedish (and Finnish) candy, pick and mix. Yum!

My favourite restaurant on Manhattan. The interior is perfection. Don't forget to visit the bathroom. Cocktails are good, they have nice beer and a brunch here is highly recommended.

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop
Across the street from Schiller's you find this sandwich and coffee shop. A good place for breakfast.


Brooklyn Brewery
I didn't take the tour of the brewery (Johan did and he loved it), but I tried all their different wonderful beers - there are a few they only serve at the brewery and if you are a beer lover - go there!

Black Brick Coffee
A nice coffee place on Bedford Avenue.

Blue Bottle Coffee
More coffee, highly recommended!

This place is a must when I'm visiting in Brooklyn. Great breakfast, great cocktails and nice atmosphere.

Marlow and Sons
Around the corner from Diner you find this place. This is where I go for oysters and beer and they have a pretty shop as well where you can buy Mast Brothers Chocolate among other great things.

Café Pedlar
A beautiful coffee shop with really good coffee.

Other places I recommend, without pictures though:

King Cole Bar (great cocktails and very fancy)
Purl (yarn etc!)

Juliette (good food, good drinks, beautiful place)
Roebling Tea Room (beautiful place, nice atmosphere)
CB I Hate Perfume (an experience of its own)
Brooklyn Flea Market
Dumont Burger (recommended by Johan, he says the burgers are great)

Don't forget to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It's always recommended, no matter what season or time of the day. Aaah.

Enjoy your visit in NYC!

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  1. Now I want to go! thank you so much for this information, for us is a 4 hour travel by plane so sounds really great!


  2. great recommendations! just moved to brooklyn, will have to try some of these out : )

  3. Hi Sandra! This was a lot of fun to read. Even though I'm a native New Yorker, it's always cool to get another perspective and your photos are always gorgeous. I must say Diner is a particular favorite of mine; I go there pretty much every weekend!

    Next time you're in New York, I'd suggest you visit the Bellocq tea shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (only open on weekends). It seems like a place you would like and the tea is sooo good!

  4. Went to new york in January and I'm happy to see some of the places I loved on your list. However, I'm book marking this for my next trip - there must be a next trip, New york city is too good to only experience once :)

  5. Hi Sandra, I have been following your blog, as I like the freshness of your photos. Many thanks for the New York guide. I have never been there, but maybe one day I will visit it. Your guide certainly makes me want to get there one day!

    All the best.

  6. Sandra--I live right across the street from the Tribeca Grande. I often sit on my fire escape and watch the people wander below me. Perhaps you were one of them.....
    next time come on by.....

  7. Your photographs make me wanna travel, and I love this feeling of excitement! /maria x

  8. Oh how I wish I could just... BOOK THE TICKET AND FLY AWAY! <3

  9. cute post, GREAT photos!! xox

  10. Must say your timing is perfect - my first visit to New York will be in little over a week (YAY!), so I'll definitely check out some of these places!
    AND I'm going to visit Berlin for the first time this coming Christmas, so I have your guide to help me find the best places there, too. So thanks ;)
    And while I'm here, must say I've followed and loved your blog for a few years now - your photos and posts really are a joy.

  11. New York is a real amazing place to visit to offering their visitors a number of sight seeing spots, lovely vibrant neighborhoods, exotic hotels offering great services and amenities like the Union Square in New York.


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