A morning routine

This post pretty much sums up what my mornings look like this fall; an early walk with coffee (together with Johan and/or friend(s)) before work.

Today I have updated the shop with Large Wrist Worms (and a black merino wool pair will be listed tomorrow!) and a few other new ones in the regular size, such as Merino Elephant Grey, Merino Mustard, one of my best sellers: Merino Dark Warm Grey, Thick Black & White and Thick Elephant Grey.

Thank you SO much for the overwhelmingly kind comments here lately!!


  1. tres cabezas :) is that a Spanish brand of coffee or a Café?

    I like the yellow tramway! (don't know what it's called)

  2. Aren't you having a marvelous late summer in Berlin?

  3. Obviously the-place-to-be.


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