Colourful Saturday and new Wrist Worms

As usual, I started my Saturday at the farmers market. It's overwhelming at this time of the year.

Johan and I had gözleme for breakfast, mine was filled with cheese and spinach - so tasty. Johan's was filled with tomato and cheese.

Walking around.

This flower shop!

2 new pairs of Wrist Worms in the shop - Forest Green & Merino Pink.

This weekend has been so good, have been walking a lot and had plenty of good coffee. Will post pictures from Sunday tomorrow - see you!


  1. my god i just... wow! gözleme in berlin? we have it only in one region in bulgaria, near the sea, where it's made traditionally. probably the origin is turkish, no idea, but it's one of the best things and i got so excited when i saw you ate it! interesting if it's the same thing. but you really need to come to sinemoretz in bulgaria, such a magical place and a hometown for gözlemes!:)


  2. The fruits and your gözleme look delicious. And I totally love how the flower shop displays the flowers!


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