Good morning!

Started my morning at Silo Coffee - a new and really good coffee place. I highly recommend their sandwich with roasted aubergine, paprika, goatcheese & honey. And a flat white of course.

Today's date was Hanna who is such a great person!

We were sitting outside with this view.

Walking one of my favourite paths home to work.

Favourite building ever.

I love this city so much.

In my studio, many new Wrist Worms and more to come! Have a look at them here. I did a lookbook for my shop, more pictures soon :) Welcome!


  1. Oh Sandra, I so love your photos! I have to check out Silo one of these days, I came by it last weekend, when I was at the Arkonaplatz floh, and it looked so Scandinavian, it reminded me of home :) Have a great day!

  2. I've seen the lookbook: great! As everything here!

  3. seems like you also have a wonderuful weather in Berlin!
    great photos, as always..

  4. wonderful photos, i have missed visiting you here!

  5. Love having breakfast with you! it is a pleasure to walk into city. Great photos

  6. I've seen a lot of pictures of coffeecups in your blog. It's not a critizism, it's very nice.
    I always feel I want to drink them when I see them !

  7. Deine Photos zeigen alles, was ich an Berlin so sehr liebe. Ich bin nach jedem Eintrag ein Stückchen begeisterter.


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