My collaboration with Kinfolk

Recently I started collaborating with the beautiful Kinfolk as a photographer for their city guides. There are so many places to choose from in Berlin so I decided to visit one of my absolute favourite cafés - Aunt Benny to take pictures and have a coffee. You can see many more photos here as well as read an interview with Kyla who is the owner (together with her brother) and also the one who designed the place so beautifully.


  1. You're the perfect person for this - congratulations! (And cool that the owners of Aunt Benny are from Toronto!)

  2. super belles photos !! Bravo !!

  3. Congratulations!
    Hope you could do some project in Warsaw one day!

  4. so nice! kinfolk magazine is so damn pretty :)



  5. brilliant.. you're so deserving!

  6. Wow, ich bin begeistert! Glückwunsch zur Kooperation - Deine Photos haben es auf jeden Fall verdient! Hätte die Zeitschrift auch gerne immer Zuhause.

  7. So I started reading your blog more than 6-months ago when I started thinking about spending a month in Berlin. That didn't happen in May or June like I had hoped, but meantime, I kept following your blog. Every day, your photos just clicked with me (pun not intended, it just happened) and the kind of photos I would take whenever I travelled - lots of coffee shots, interesting buildings and architectural details, and always, good graffiti whenever I found it.

    Today though the final connection was made, cementing my decision to absolutely plan a trip to Berlin for next May and maybe June as well. Here's what happened. This morning my husband and I went for coffee at Area Four, our favorite spot in Cambridge, MA. Part of the shop sells terrific coffee and pastry but it's also connected to a restaurant. The chef of that restaurant is part of the Chef's Collaborative and I had just bought their cookbook. I got talking to the woman who took my coffee and pastry order, and decided to purchase another cookbook to give to my daughter. While I was paying for it, she mentioned Kinfolk, and that they were coming out with a new cookbook she thought I might like. When I got home, before even looking up the Kinfolk cookbook, I went to your site for my regular visit, and there it was. You were collaborating with Kinfolk on a Berlin guide. So first of all, I recommend to you the Chef's Collaborative Cookbook, particularly for all the supplemental information it has beyond the recipes, though that may be a bit too US specific, and secondly I'll continue to follow your recommendations in the Kinfolk Berlin guide. Now I'm really looking forward to a visit to Berlin and excited by the connection your blog has provided.

  8. Otroligt fina bilder Sandra. Jag ska till Berlin en helg om två veckor med jobbet. Första gången!

    Ska passa på att reka lite, för jag tror bestämt jag får ta och åka en sväng med Sven i vår sen. Kanske (om resten av jobbgänget är på) att Aunt Betty kan få sig ett besök! Svårt med många (olika) viljor dock :)

    Ha en fin söndag!

  9. I look forward to read it and see your beautiful pictures.


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