Livingroom changes

Did some changes to the livingroom the other day and it turned out so much better; more light for the plants, a wall behind my back while reading on the sofa makes me feel more comfortable and much better light for reading.

That bookshelf? It's just a wooden plank resting on two piles of books (Johan and I simply chose the ones we haven't been opening for years). The rest of the books can be moved however we want to. It was just a temporary solution in the beginning and now it seems like it's here to stay :)

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  1. Ich bin sehr neidisch auf eure Wand ohne Tapete, ich leider immer wieder unter meiner langweiligen Raufaser...

  2. still looking nice and cosy! Changes are so refreshing...
    have a nice week, Sandra!

  3. Sandra!! i´m still Reading your blog from the beginning ;) i love it and enjoy very mucha with the everyday pics and your work. Congratulations!! it inspires me a lot!

    Today, i love that idea with the wooden plank!

    Hugs from Spain! Have a nice week


  4. I love it and want to move in please.

  5. It looked lovely the way it was, and it looks even more lovely now. You have a great eye for decorating :)

  6. i love your room...and your bookshelf.
    the simpliest things are the best!!!


  7. I love your book-bookshelf! Fabulous idea. Books are beautiful.

  8. Hi. i love your blog & think its so funny that i know so much about your life, but not really. i am envious of all your delicious coffee outings, and after reading your blog for over a year, i think i want to travel to Berlin. your photos make it look very enchanting. lastly, i want to know about your sofa in the split photo. i am crazy about the linen grey-blue cover as well as the modern boxy style. where did you get it? thanks!

  9. FANTASTISKT att du har sex Harry Potterböcker! Men det fattas ju en!

    1. åh jag vet! den har försvunnit på något mystiskt sätt. har letat i flera år!

  10. love your changes! I am in moving process and have soo many books! love how you integrated them in your home.

  11. Your living room looks great! Your bookshelf is gorgeous!

  12. Ich bin so froh, dass wir ab kommendem Jahr auch eine tapetenlose Wand haben werden. Es gibt einfach nichts Schöneres! Und die Idee mit Euren Büchern finde ich ja immer noch ganz großartig!

  13. I see you too have a wawaya little plush toy, I have one also! It sits on my alarm clock and is so soft and cute.

  14. My favourite bookshelf on the web! Also, it is easy to adjust at the right height to fit under the window, love your living space!


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