Wristworms on SALE this week!

20% off on all wristworms (fingerless gloves, handmade by me) this week (€28 instead of €35).

Enter discount code WEEK42 on checkout. Worldwide shipping and all info in the shop - welcome!

Have a look in the lookbook for more pictures of the worms :)


  1. I can neeeever resist. Just ordered my fourth pair. Really looking forward to it! :)

  2. I'm so happy with my new Wrist Worms Sandra! They are truly beautiful and I look forward to wearing them this winter :) xo

  3. Hi Sandra, I was wondering if you only sell online or also have a shop location where your wrist worms are sold. I'm wearing those kind of gloves for years but never seen so comfy looking ones. We recently moved to Berlin from Amsterdam and don't have a steady address yet so if there would be a shop to go to that would be perfect. If not, I'll just wait until we actually have an address :) Best Maartje

    1. Welcome to Berlin!
      I only sell the worms online :) Hope you'll find a steady address soon, wish you best of luck!
      Sandra x

    2. Thank you Sandra! We'll hope to find one within a few weeks, so will just cross my fingers that it wont be too cold until I get my worms ;)


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