4 prints available in the shop


I'm selling a small batch of prints again in my shop, available until sold out! Welcome :)

Special offer: Buy 2 and I'll give you 1 extra for free. Leave a note in the PayPal comment field or send me a message to let me know which one you want as the extra print.


  1. Hello Sandra!
    i love lour blog, your photos, your hand worms, your prints, and i'm starting to love berlin!!
    i wish i could live in a colder country (i'm not a big fan of heat!!) - I live in south america... we are facing 36 degrees these days, and i really like coming to your blog for some cold air!

    you have a big fan here in the south!

    1. thank you, that's so sweet of you! :) sending some cold winds over to you.


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