Books, figurines & pasta

I grew up in a home with very few books and I remember visiting my friend Maria's home I was so inspired by her parents having a bookshelf with actual books in it and not porcelain figurines.

During winter I sleep wearing Wrist Worms, it's important to keep the wrists warm during night when I crochet all day long.

When I was 13 I started to buy my own books. The porcelain elephant was a gift from Johan on my birthday last year. Of course I still need some porcelain figurines in my life.

I made this lunch the other day, it was hard to take an appetizing picture though, but I assure you it was delicious.

You need (for 2 persons):

Rigatoni Napoletani or any other pasta you prefer.

1.5 tbsp olive oil
1.5 tbsp butter
14-20 cherry tomatoes
chili (fresh or dried)
2 garlic cloves
Parmesan cheese (I didn't have any at home, so I used 50 grams of this amazing creamy French cheese, highly recommended too)
salt & pepper

I did like this:
Boil the pasta al dente (follow instruction on package).
Heat up oil in a pan and fry the cherry tomatoes until juice starts to mix with the oil. Chop the garlic cloves in small pieces and let them simmer around in the pan with the other stuff (do NOT burn), add sage, chili and butter as well. When pasta is finished, pour it down in the sauce and add salt & pepper. Serve everything on your favourite plates and add cheese of choice on top. If you have some fresh herbs, add them on top of everything to make it more beautiful :) Eat!


  1. I understand your need for books, life is much better with them and the elephant is wonderful, started to collect porcellaine figures from the fleamarket and love it!
    Barbara Bee

  2. Also ich finde das Foto von deiner Pasta gerade ziemlich appetitanregend :)

  3. Ehi, I could give you so much instructions about pasta al dente! ;)


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