Spring in the city






Pictures from the other morning when I took a walk with Johan before work, we had coffee at Café Neun and admired the blossoms. The view from Oberbaumbrücke has changed so much since we moved here.

Last week I asked my followers on Instagram what they are currently reading. I'm just about to finish the 1Q84 series (by Haruki Murakami). What are you blog readers currently reading? Great way to recommend eachother some good reads :)


  1. Hi Sandra! actually it seems very crazy to me that right now you bring up the topic of what we are reading...My husband and I are visiting Berlin in July. We both love walking for hours and drinking good coffee at cool coffee shops....so I'm devouring your Berlin and Coffee Guides!!!!! I don't want to miss a thing!
    Btw, I love your blog!!!
    Miriam from Buenos Aires

  2. I can really recommend the writer Anna Gavalda, both her short stories and books. She is faboulous, and very talented!

  3. Recently reread To Kill a Mockingbird - it's nice to revisit a classic.
    Also truly enjoyed Mumbai New York Scranton by Tamara Shopsin.
    It's spare but has stayed with me which I feel is the sign of a good
    read. (Bonus: photos by Jason Fulford.)

  4. I just read "Small is Beautiful. Economics as if people mattered" by E.F. Schumacher. A book I highly recommend!
    Greatings from the north of Berlin!


  5. Hello Sandra,
    I just finished Ten Things I've Learnt About Love [Sarah Butler]. It's a lovely, colorful story and an easy read. It was most enjoyable. A place where I often go to look for books is the Mecozy blog. Shash always has good reads on her list.
    Greetings from Zürich!

  6. Arranging Things A Rhetoric of Object Placement
    by Leonard Koren (Paintings by Nathalie Du Pasquier)

    Happy weekend wishes!

  7. Oh my, your photos never dissapoint! I`d be more than happy to have that coffee while admiring the blossoms. <3

    Regarding the books... I˙m also into Murakami right now, I love his books.

    Have a great week!

  8. Funny, I finished 1Q84 a month ago.
    After that it was Thomas Mann - Der Zauberberg and it was excellent. I really like how Mann writes.
    Now I'm on Luigi Pirandello - The Late Mattia Pascal, won Nobel prize, didn't know until I read a little bit more about the author.

  9. Hello Sandra, i've just read " the summer without men" of siri husdvedt. Loved it.
    I'm big on auster, and dicovering ger made me really happy.
    cheers form Uruguay!


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