A glamorous Friday morning

This morning was laundry morning. Why don't you have your own washing machine, Sandra?. I've never had one. Living in apartment buildings in Sweden all my life, there was always a tvättstuga in the basement for everyone in the building. I'm used to doing my laundry outside of my home + washing machines are ugly + we have no space in our tiny bathroom for it (can't get used to the idea of having it in the kitchen, I simply can't - maybe one day) :)

While waiting for the laundry to be finished coffee is a good idea.

Together with this man with different eye colours, the August light really shows them.

Flat whites for everyone!

Happy weekend, all!


  1. A fun Friday! Happy weekend, Sandra & Johan!

  2. not a bad way to spend a morning :) once, when I used the laundrette on revalerstrasse, the laundry went into the dryer smelling fresh, and came out smelling like an ashtray, yuk!

  3. i can't believe you get to wear wool and coats in august!
    I want THAT summer, not the 40º C ones I get here in Argentina!
    Lovely pics, Sandra, as usual. Have a nice weekend (with clean clothes, ha!)

  4. very glamorous! :) Johan's eyes are incredible! I'd never noticed the two colors. Very cool!

  5. I have a friend with different color eyes, it's pretty interesting!

    I love the mustard yellow wrist worms... I'm working on a mens jacket of the same shade, it's a perfect autumn color! :)

  6. Lovely photos and story. I feel that we are so spoiled in the US. I've always had a laundry room in my house…..yes, a room just for doing laundry. Most US houses have them or their washing machines are in the basement. It was only in college, when renting an apartment, that I went to a laundromat. It's difficult to even find them any more.
    I envy your taking time to sit and enjoy your many coffee places. So nice….coffee and conversation.
    and books: I agree with you, can never have enough of them. I like them so much better than E-readers. I want to feel the pages and smell the type. Nothing like it.
    Want to see more of your room rearrangement. Wonderful apartment.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Sandra!

    I don't know about over there, but the "nice" thing about laundromats is
    that you can do big loads. If you had children though, you might want an
    in house washer and dryer… I know you don't (have children or particularly
    want any) so everything's cool. :^)

    Your American Friend/Gina

    1. that's true! and we go early in the morning so using 5 machines at the same time is no problem :)
      love & kisses your swedish friend in germany

  8. Hi from New Hampshire! Just an encouragement for a washer in the kitchen - I can still remember many years ago as a child the comforting whirring of the washer in the kitchen of our tiny house. It lulled me to sleep and kept a rhythm to the days. I still love to have a washer in the kitchen! We even had one in our kitchen in Bad Vilbel. Mine here is running now as I sort pea pods . . .
    Cheers! linda of White Paint Studio

  9. There are prettier things in life than a washing machine :-)


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