Many years ago I used to collect fabric from the 60's and the 70's. They came in handy moving into my new studio, as the sun hits the computer screen all day long.

Books are everywhere, they will move into the bed/livingroom as soon as Johan and I have built a bookshelf. Don't think there will be space for all of them - a good reason to build a second one. One can never have too many books. I'm so happy because I've started reading more again, when I lived in Sweden I read about one book per week. Since moving to Berlin I've been reading... 2-4 books per year. So many parties, so many new friends. That's a great thing too :)


  1. I love reading. Just last week had to donate around 30 books because I'm moving house and have already read all of them, so I might as well give them to charity. I LOVE Jo Nesbo, by the way :)

    The fabrics are gorgeous.

    1. happy moving!
      i haven't read jo nesbo, but will give him a try soon :)

  2. olalala I love so much your 60' 70' fabric!!!!!!!! And I think so that books are essential ;-)

  3. I have also always had lots of books, and i have red a lot. Now i have come to the conclusion, that i simply have to let go on some of my books. We all 4 just simply don´t fit into this tiny apartment anymore otherwise. Pity, i love books. But it also feels good to put away things, even they would be books..


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