I used to be a collector when I was younger, but when I got older and let go of my control freak personality I didn't care about collecting things anymore. It worries me (not really, I'm trying to be funny) that there are more and more figurines entering my building ;)

Honestly, most of them are given to me as a present, phew.

This one Johan gave me.

This bunny is a lamp and was bought in Paris a couple of years ago.

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And PS. I'm not saying everyone who is a collector is a control freak ;)


  1. I have had the same addiction - and every figurine has a story in our apartment ;-). Somehow they fit in - each and every one. Maybe it's a phase we will go back to when we grow older....

  2. Figurines have been around forever. I had lovely poodles, 3 of them connected by a chain when I was 10 years.
    Have no idea where they went. A few months ago on Etsy I found a replica of them and bought them. Memories once again.

  3. Hei but i agree about collecting and being a control freak. At least i have been both;) In some point i gave up of my collections, including eh, quite a lot of what ever interesting things. I just didn´t really see a point any more to collect stuff just because it´s some how nice and interesting. And honestly, we would´t have space for all my "collections" any way..

    Tja, but still. I do have my old photos from flea markets collection, but they don´t take so much space, so.. ;)


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