Hello from my kitchen!
Arounna from Bookhou sent me two gorgeous pouches, I love them. We have been following eachother online for so many years, I love the internet for bringing good people together :)

How was your weekend?
Mine was great, spent a lot of time at home, finishing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which my sister told me to finally read. It was OK, I have serious problems finding books great after reading The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt), it's a masterpiece.


  1. Yes, Arounna is a sweetheart & a very talented person, just like you ! :)
    I feel honored & lucky to have met her, in 2011.
    Have a great week ahead ! ox
    PS : the pouches are just gorgeous !

  2. I love the connections I get via Instagram and other social medias. They are my daily fix:)

  3. thank you sandra for posting so glad you love them :-)

  4. I liked The Goldfinch but had some issues with it. I loved Us Conductors by Sean Michaels. It won The Giller Prize (Canada's biggest book prize) last year.

  5. Breuning Liliane25 March, 2015 13:28

    What about Ann Michaels "Forgotten leaves"... As for me, it is the most beautiful book I read in my entire life (I must add that I am 65 and a voracious reader...) Love your Blog and you, I have those tiles in my kitchen you love so much in Berlin (I live in Strasbourg). Have a beautiful spring! Liliane


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