When I don't take pictures



Pictures from this morning (or today morning as many Germans say, cute). My mum and her man left earlier today and I already miss them.

My sister: Can you instagram more pictures now that mum is visiting?
Me: Oh, I only took one picture today and I instagrammed it.

This long weekend has been wonderful. My mum, her man, Johan and I can spend hours in caf├ęs, restaurants and home just talking about everything and anything and something and nothing. Those special people make me forget about my camera :)


  1. these are the best moments, sandra!
    so good you enjoyed that time and made a lot of memories in your mind.
    that pictures will last forever!

  2. if there's was a way, a could just drink one more cup of tea with my mother, and talk, and talk, and talk... why wouldnt i do... loved your "no-pics" this once.


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