Did some minor changes to the bedroom. It's a bit too minimalistic for both our tastes, time to do something about it - eventually.

Last night I went through all my books and found about 70 I haven't yet read (big thanks to myself for stocking up before moving, most of them thrifted in my favourite second hand shop in Gothenburg).

It looks a bit like a funeral parlour, this corner Johan said. I agree, haha.

Same old.


Here we are, in May 2009. The photobooth used to stand outside Kaisers in F'hain. Now it's at Weserstrasse in Neuk├Âlln. We didn't see the I heart U in the background until afterwards ;) The photobooths in Berlin.

Looking forward to spending a lot of time in our bedroom this weekend. It's quite a big room and also stores the typical livingroom stuff. We don't have a "proper" livingroom as none of us would spend time there; most awake time we spend in the kitchen or in the studio (mostly for work). I love to hang out in the kitchen with friends; to be active together in discussions, food and drinks. You won't find me on the sofa "doing nothing", happy weekend!

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  1. It's a lovely interior even the funeral home corner :o)


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