My new portfolio


Finally I have made a new portfolio, you're most welcome to have a look: cargocollective.com/sandrajuto

It's Friday and if you people just knew how much it has helped to talk about my life with you this week... I don't have enough thank you's to give to you, but THANK YOU x eternity.



  1. your portfolio is amazing sandra! such beautiful works. you're inspiring :) i felt the need to work more and better after seeing this, so thank you!

    1. oh, glad to inspire! that's a great feeling :)

  2. And it's good to read from you here! :-)
    Congratulations on the new portfolio. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring: I really love and admire the way you use all these different mediums!

  3. Sandra I'm so glad you're back! I've read your blog for years and love seeing the world through your eyes. I'm so sorry that you've been dealing with some hard stuff, but we're here for you. People can be cruel and I'm sorry someone hurt you. You are an inspiration and I hope you continue to keep putting yourself out there! xoxo

    1. thank you so much, julie! it's so good to feel the old spirit of blogging coming back! :) wish you a lovely weekend! sandra x

  4. dear Sandra,
    your portfolio looks so fine! clean and bright, the way i like it ;^))
    besides that i just found out about how you feel lately
    the lack of saying 'no'.... well, that sounds familiar
    i am glad you have Johan, your fluffy white haired friend around!
    take your time
    i am here
    enjoying your world
    Patrice A.
    from the Netherlands


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