A new start

A detail from my laundry box.

A detail from my desk.

The air smells different, my favourite time of the year is here. It's a bit chilly and it's time to wear Wrist Worms again. At least in the mornings and evenings. I'm making lots of them these days, those of you who have bought them from me (thank you so very much!) know how addictive they are. Looking forward to another season of helping you stay warm :)

I'm filled with this feeling of a new start, I think it will stay in my system for the rest of my life - that feeling of starting school again after a long summer break. Looking forward to something new.

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  1. I second you, Sandra!
    This is one of the best times of year,
    time to get plenty of new projects started,
    time for something new
    just as in those childhood years
    when september held so much promise
    (and it still does).
    Happy and colourful autumn!


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