My new hair

The lilacs are in bloom, yay!

Lunch. Rice with veggies, an egg, seaweed, sambal oelek, a sauce Johan made (=no idea what he put in it) etc. So good.

Hi! I am so happy Johan cut and dyed my hair last week. I recognize myself again. OK, maybe not in this picture - I'm really not good at being in front of the camera. Johan took the picture and giggled at me, saying Sandra, you really really don't feel comfortable right now, huh?. Guess you can tell, but I like the picture. I look more and more like my dad. Used to have short, dark hair now and then when I was younger (here are pictures of my different hair from 1999-2010).


  1. It suits you. I used to have incredibly long hair but now it is to my shoulder and I feel so much better for it.

    1. thank you!
      and congratulations, well done :)


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