Everyday life

This week had a bit of a dick start. On Monday our fridge/freezer broke and I have no idea when I will be able to get a new one. Tuesday the crazy thunderstorm rained through my wall and wet many of my books. It's just stuff though.

Sailor has been guarding our balcony for over 6 years now, only drama is that he lost one ear. Was out a lot in the evenings this week so I plan to stay home tonight, was partying with a friend who came to visit from Greece last night. So much fun!

Work wise I have been shooting pictures of food for a restaurant, will show you more later.

Eating the food was part of the deal ;)

The view from Gotham Grill.

Life has been very beautiful lately, I am so lucky to have a bunch of amazing friends around me (WHISKEY included of course).


  1. Carpe diem. Or seize the carp every chance you get.

    You provide everything but the sound and smell. :)

    Sorry about your books.

  2. Hello Sandra!
    "Eating the food was part of the deal" ...
    ...made me laugh.
    Thank you.


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