Lots of garlic and chili flakes

Hi, how are you doing?
I got into a slippers making flow and made more of this pair in 2 different sizes + this NEW pair. Johan went to a meeting in a café and came home with a flat white for me, what a luxury!

It may not be slippers season in most of your countries, though here in Berlin the past few days, they've been needed :)

Today's entertainment: This sign has made me laugh so many times, thought it was time to share it with you (goldfish, I had already shared it a couple of weeks ago ha ha ha). Took me a while before I understood what "Donny's" is. You get it?

Time to make a simple pasta with zucchini for lunch.
With lots of garlic and chili flakes.


  1. Okay, I've been thinking about the "Donny's" now for way too long and still have no idea what it means. Please help! ;D

  2. Now I feel stupid, cause that was the first thing that I had in mind, but I was like "Nooo, that can't be it, right?" ... Well, there you go :D Thanks for making it clear (;


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