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Hi, happy Friday!
This week has been a busy one; I've been doing some graphic design work, taking a really long walk which made me sleep like a baby, eating good food and sketching. The most simple sketches just to get head and hands working again, it feels very good. I have made a rule for the Wrist Worms season, which is around the corner: When possible, only crochet in the evenings. Daytime will be for other projects.

Tonight I go to a friend's restaurant which is closing this weekend, to eat there for the last time. Probably I'll have a margarita as well, yum. Then it's time to head over to a bar for another friend's last shift there. Things are ending, new things are beginning. I'm at this point right now as well. Changes! The rest of the weekend is for working and most likely head over to a park on Sunday for a birthday party.

Also: I'm going to Sweden a second time later this Summer! This time to my second family, the one that came with Johan - Can not wait!

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