Hi! How are you?
I'm good :)

This man was in Amsterdam earlier this week and came home with a couple of tasty cheeses.

The trees look like confetti.

We shared a pizza in the sun as welcome home party.

I've been a bit too social this week, I find it hard to find balance between being with people and being alone. I need so much alone time to recharge my energy to be social again, do you know what I mean?

Anyway, it's Saturday and the last day of September. Took a walk around my neighbourhood earlier today and thought about how beautiful everything will be the coming 4-6 weeks. Colour explosions, hopefully some foggy mornings, heavy rain, heavy sun, starting to heat up the apartment again, staying home a lot, reading books, binge watching tv-series while making Wrist Worms. I have a good feeling about this Fall.


  1. I completely know what you mean, dear Sandra. Even me had a social week... but my mobile phone got broken. A good time to recharge my energy!
    Wish you a nice week with lots of confetti from the lime trees!
    x Ariane

  2. Happy October and happy fall season!
    Lovely colors and this pizza looks delicious!


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