My favourite alone place

Johan is living in his loop scarf from now on.

Took a walk this morning to the cemetery, my favourite place to go alone and contemplate. I was wondering if this is where I will end up, but Johan said Sandra, you won't get a gravestone, I will spread your ashes so you can still be ALL OVER THE PLACE! Apparently I am a very intense person.

Anyway, cemeteries are a good reminder that we all will die. And we will die alone. I have pretty recently discovered that I'm no longer afraid of being alone, which is very comforting to know.

Someone who has almost died by now is my camera. It's about 10 years old and takes blurry-in-a-bad-way pictures more and more often.

Now I'm going to make some spaghetti with pesto and tomatoes and then take care of Wrist Worms orders. 20% off with discount code WEEK40 this week, on all these pairs. Thank you all, orders placed so far will be on their way today!

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