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Wet Wet Wet

My favourite season is here and the tomatoes are still growing.



The rose used to be so tiny and now it's in full bloom.


The irony

Oh the irony. Time to put up curtains.
Without a warning there are men outside my windows putting up scaffolding and my balcony days are over, but hopefully not for that long. Luckily Berlin has so many green parks.


Balcony days begin

Balcony days begin.
First balcony lunch was smoked mackerel with salad and the evening's balcony session provided with a photoshoot on the other side of the street (last picture). Other than that, Johan has been sick all weekend and his grandmother sent us some cookies (all the way from Sweden) which Johan and I enjoyed during an SATC-marathon.

This week has been both good and bad. I prefer good and have decided to forgive myself for any bad things that happened and it taught me not to wait for someone else's forgiveness. Time for a new week. I can't wait. Life is short.

Ps. My huge scarf (pic 2) from the Scarf shop isn't just keeping me warm, it has been working as a curtain lately as well :)


Little things, Big things

Things I look forward to:
Growing plants on my balcony (wow, I can't believe I have one!)
Discovering more of Berlin and other parts of Germany
Buying new tulips (Johan's mum gave me the pink ones, they've been so beautiful)
Getting dressed to go down an put my butt on the bench by the tram stop and wait for my best-friend-biggest-love-person to arrive. Home.

Hope everyone is fine.